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      Catholic Study Guides 
        (Delivered "digitally" - the first by email, the other Guides by Windows-Only Ebooks!)


1 yr. Curriculum  on The Age of Mary are "digitally-delivered" Syllabi
with inter-active links to Online Study Materials & Resources There are no extra materials needed for the subjects we offer unless you want them!
Tired of tweaking your Catholic curriculum?
   Whipped out from writing weekly lesson plans?
Discouraged by disconnected subjects?
   Looking for an easier and better way to keep your homeschool Catholic?
   Why not try the
Catholic Study Guides?

Each Catholic Study Guide features a self-contained syllabus with screened, interactive links to online resources for Religion, Language Arts (including Poetry, Composition, and Literature), History, Geography and Science. You and your students only  need to open your digital Catholic Study Guide each day, access the Net, and read and click their way through your studies! Perfect for homeschooled students who love to use your home computer and the Net!

An innovation in Catholic home education, each Catholic Study Guide is written by Marianna Bartold, experienced homeschooling mom, writer, reviewer, speaker, and author ofThe Keeping It Catholic Home Education Guide books (also featured on this page), the former publisher ofThe Catholic Family's Magnificat Magazine, and the original Home School Editor of Sursum Corda Magazine.

The theme for this year's Catholic Study Guides is "The Age of Mary." Each digital Guide helps you:

--Bring your family closer "to Jesus through Mary." Study Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary - including Our Lady of Paris (the Miraculous Medal), LaSalette, Lourdes, Fatima, Banneux and others!

--Give your teens a Catholic conscience of history instead of a Catholic "perspective."

--Provide your homeschooling family with the best of both worlds -
both classic and scholastic!

--Use an easy-to-follow syllabus (designed for high school levels but teacher/parent-adaptable for grades 6-8) for Religion, Language Arts (including Poetry, Composition, and Literature), History, Geography, and Science.
(With our unique Catholic Study Guides, religion and history studies relate to the other core subjects, too!)

--Give your older children and teens quick options for quality time on your home computer with screened, interactive links that match up and assist with suggested assignments, virtual tours, essays, research ideas - and offer just plain enjoyment!

Each digital Guide will be delivered either to your email box or made available to you for download to your desktop in a colorful (Windows only) eBook formatting. Both versions feature a colorful format with graphics and interactive links. When the eBook is opened, it will look just like a book on your desktop! Either way, you can keep each and every Catholic Study Guide on your hard-drive & also print them for your records!

*Math is not included, so please purchase math texts and syllabus elsewhere for this subject.
     Catholic and Affordable! 
     ONE LOW Price, World-Wide!

Just compare The Catholic Study Guides to anything else available in Catholic homeschooling!

  Where else can you receive any year-long Catholic curriculum (online or off) for just under $100 (world-wide) which includes:

---A complete and thoroughly Catholic syllabus, with screened links to online sources, including books, essays, maps, virtual tours, etc.?

---All of the necessary materials for Religion, Language Arts (including Composition, Poetry and Literature), History, Geography, and Science in each electronic Guide?

The Bonus Supplement of our recommended Catholic "Living Books" List,  complementing the theme of each new installment and
 is included in each Catholic Study Guide ?

If You & Your Children Love to Learn More...

Don't hesitate! Help make your Catholic homeschooling life much better, much easier, and more enjoyable - for everyone with our online Catholic study courses in The Catholic Study Guides.

KIC's Catholic Study Guides
create the spiritual and practical Catholic curriculum for which Catholic parents have long been seeking!

Yes, I want the year's worth of digital "Age of Mary" Guides for only $99.99! (See Note below for important info.)

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knight                                   The Return of the King
                                           Catholic Study Guide 
                                        (Windows-Only Ebook!)

From Gondor to the Shire, the horns blow with gladness (yea, even
into Bree) and now the heralds shall go forth with news and with counsel: The KING IS COMING! THE KING IS COMING! (Looketh busy!)

Yea, verily, KIC announceth that it shareth tidings of truth, of hope and of mercy to the Catholic City as we await OUR KING's RETURN! In these days, when the fearsome shadow seeketh to lengthen and darken all the lands of earth, we do well to recalleth words from heaven that heartens the human heart.

Before we turneth to those things which art necessary for us to knoweth and acteth upon in these days when shadows lengthen, we shall look to a tale that mayeth  well render unto us some inklings of that great and terrible day when Our King, Our Lord and Our Savior returneth.

What? Hast thou not heard of "The Return of the King"??? Hast thou harkened not to the scrolls of Sir John of Tolkien?? Dost thou not knoweth of the religious elements and the Catholic symbolism found within his works about Middle Earth? Prithee, with surety, thou knowest not what thou
doth misseth!

Fear not! If thou hast hoped for “The Return of the King,”  hope is rekindled, for thy time
in counting the days until this missive goes forth is nigh-ended.

Lo, if thou shalt desire to grasp the inspiring pre-figure types and the symbolism of this "fundamentally religious and Catholic work" wrought by Sir J.R.R. Tolkien in "The Return of the King," thou must not delay!  Make haste and ordereth this special, Windows-ONLY ebook, to soon keep the Guide's scrolls on thy computer!

Once thy order is received, then know that ere the Christmas season commences, look to the email messenger who oft signals thy machine, which shall alerteth thee to download the Guide.   Within the email message, thou shall receive instructions entitled, "The Return of the King" Catholic Study Guide!

Now, before this message doth return to the English of our own day, the question needs be asked: In all truth, did not this joviality humor you and gladden your heart???

Verily, methinks 'tis true! And so I say unto you in  own words of today (which are, admittedly, not as elegant as those of Middle Earth):

Below is an excerpt from the Introduction of this thrillingly awesome Guide's theme article. Written for high school students, our "Return of the King" Catholic Study Guide is adored by Catholic "Lord of the Rings" fans of all ages - from pre-teen to grandparents!


"All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king."
  -from The Fellowship of the Ring

  "Might it be an inspired story, one that alludes not only to `things that were' or `things that are' but also to `some things that have not yet come to pass'? After all, it is, as its author once admitted, `a fundamentally religious and Catholic work;
unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision.' The Lord of the Rings (LotR) is a trilogy in which the `religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism.' The last of the books, `The Return of the King,' may very well have provided an artistic foreshadowing of the future."

(Continued in "The Return of the King" Study Guide)

There is more, much more, to this one-of-a-kind Guide. Just see the right column for more info!

But don't forget...

Act now!
The Windows-Only Ebook of "The Return of the King" Catholic Study Guide is 
almost ready so don't miss the LIMITED-TIME PRE-ORDER Discount!!

What makes this "LoTR" Guide so special?

The Return of the King Catholic Study Guide is an incredible and "mighty" gift for any Catholic "Lord of the Rings" fan! 

 The Windows-Only ebook NOT ONLY contains the same content of the original, hard-copy 2004 Return of the King Catholic Study Guide, it also features NEW CONTENT on JRR Tolkien's tale of the Third Age's End in Middle Earth. The NEW EBOOK Format allows interactive Internet use to SCREENED LINKS (just like "The Age of Mary" Guides), MORE Lesson Ideas, PLUS:

-----From the Saints to Tolkien: Comparisons Between the Saints' Revelations of a Great Catholic Monarch-to-Be and the Character of Aragorn

-----Home and School Study and Assignment Suggestions for RELIGION, HISTORY, LITERATURE and ENGLISH, plus WRITING and DISCUSSION IDEAS to correspond with the entire LotR TRILOGY.

-----KIC's WORD GUIDE of Catechetical and Literary Terms Study or review catechetical terms, including "attribute, cardinal virtues, doctrine, dogma, humility, religion," etc. while doing the same with literary terms including "allegory, archetype, genre," etc.!

-----FACES, PLACES and TRACES: The Keeping It Catholic "overview" of the main characters and "elements" of the trilogy, with a special focus on the those from the book, THE RETURN OF THE KING. In this section, you will discover the CATHOLIC SYMBOLISM and INSIGHTS relating to:

  ~Aragorn ~Arwen~ Denethor~ The Fellowship ~Ents and Entwives ~Eomer ~Eowyn ~Faramir ~Frodo ~Gandalf ~Galadriel ~Gimli ~Gollum ~Gondor and Anor ~Kingsfoil(Athelas) ~Lembas ~Legolas Greenleaf ~Lorien and Rivendell ~Middle Earth ~Minas Tirith ~Mithril ~Moon, Stars and Sun ~Numbers ~The One Ring ~The Phial of Galadriel ~Samwise Gamgee ~Shards of Narsil ~Stewards of Gondor ~ and MORE!


LIGHT A SINGLE CANDLE: The Secret of the Catholic City (As a sample of the quality articles written for you and your high schoolers, this one article from this special "Return of the King" issue is now available for your perusal at this page)

BUSY BLESSINGS: Three Ways to Keep Your Little Ones Learning (While You Keep Your Sanity) - By Cassandra Poppe

A CATHOLIC CODE OF CHIVALRY: 12 Points of Chivalrous Conduct - By Syler Womack

ET CETERA FORUM: A Collection of Potpourri including.... 

---Where Faith Meets Fantasy: How shall Catholics Define the Word "Literature?

---Ten Home/School Tips

---Catholics, What Do You
Get (By Being Catholic)?

is Proven by Deeds 



(KIC is now accepting PRE-PUBLICATION ORDERS for this incredible Guide, in its NEW, EXPANDED, WINDOWS-ONLY downloadable ebook version. Take advantage of the PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT and SAVE $5.00!)

PRE-ORDER COST ONLY $19.99, worldwide!

After your order is placed, you'll receive my personal email acknowledgement. When the Return of the King Guide is released, I'll again privately email you with download instructions. BE SURE TO INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS with your order! Questions? Contact KIC
           The Keepsake Collection

It's more than a recipe book - it's the "Keepsake Collection," and you can download it NOW! There are just over 
400 recipes, all contributed by Catholic homeschooling families who participate on the Keeping It Catholic List.  

The "Keepsake Collection"
is in an easy-to use,
downloadable cookbook (in an "ebook", not in "PDF") and includes:

--Breads (From Fast-Rising to "Sponges" to the Super-Challenging)
Breakfasts for "Rise & Shine" Mornings
Cakes & Candy
Fasts & Feast Days
--Main Dishes
Salads and Side Dishes
Pies & Pastries

But that's not all!

MORE Features of the "
Keepsake Collection":

--Kitchen Secrets (Hints & How-To's)
--Anecdotes &
Snippets from Contributors about their Recipes
Cookery Terms
Herb & Spice Guide
--Tips from Soup to Nuts (including Ingredient Substitutions, Serving Quantities for Parties, Oven Temperatures & Cooking Times for Meats & Poultry )

--Includes Rules of Fasting & Abstinence!
  ALWAYS Available!

Keepsake Collection
is So Convenient:

--No more lost recipes or splattered recipe books!
--Keep your Keepsake Collection on your hard-drive!
Opens on your desktop and looks like a virtual book!
--Browse through hundreds of recipes with the click of a button!
Use the easy "search" function to find recipes you've already browsed and would like to find again!
--Downloadable ebook allows you to print the recipes as often as you'd like!    
Just "Click and cook!"
     ONLY $25, worldwide!
 Important Note: When your entire order transaction is completed via Paypal, but before you leave the Paypal site, kindly complete the three following actions:

1.  Be sure to click on the "Return to Merchant" link (usually found on the bottom right of the Paypal page). The "Return to Merchant" link will bring you to a KIC website page with an easy fill-in form. 

2.  Once you have filled in the form on the KIC site, immediately add
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3.  Check your email box for a "Confirmation Request" from
info@keepingitcatholic.org and follow the simple instructions.

            Remember This Old Friend?

The Catholic Family's Magnificat! Magazine
was the Catholic homeschooling magazine that so many of you loved. It's now out-of-print, but we have the last few hundred mint copies of the only remaining issue.

The theme of this special Collector's Edition :

Sacraments & Sacramentals in the Catholic Home(Summer/Fall 1995; 48 pp.)

Articles include:  Fr. Hardon's "The Family, Seminary of Hope," Marianna Bartold's "Head of the Home, Heart of the Home," plus "Can Parents Really Prepare Their Children for the Sacraments?", "The Sacraments Will Change Your Life," "Holy Habits," "Catechesis: Hope for a Trouble World," "Learning Latin, Part 2," "Balancing Your Day," "The Temporal & Spiritual Sides of Homeschooling," and other interesting features.

U.S. Orders:
$10 each issue
(includes S&H - Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation)

Canadian & Foreign: $15
(includes S&H, Ground Rate)

kicbook1          KIC Home Education Guide, Volume I: 
                 The Foundations


The Four Pillars of Catholic Education + Over 12 Church Teachings on Education + The Four Main Temperaments + Learning Styles: The Theories + A Catholic Overview of Popular Educational Methods + Reviews of Homeschooling Books Written for Parents + The Expanded Red Flag List! +Resource Section including Catalog and Company Reviews, Addresses, Toll-Free Numbers, Websites and Email Addresses +Bibliography (9 pages!)

(8" x 10" size, laminated stock color covers, 138 hand-sewn pages that absolutely will not fall out!)
  Currently out-of-stock

Coming Soon! A faster option - the downloadable (Windows) eBook of the Keeping It Catholic Home Education Guide, Vol. 1!
 kicbook2        KIC Home Education Guide, Vol. 2: 
[Teaching] History
Developing your child's Catholic conscience of history + Tips on Teaching History + Learn How to Use Living Books through Eyes of Faith + History Reading Lists (K thru Adult), + Free Internet Resources for History & Geography + Reviews & Red Flags (of History Texts) + Reviews of Educational Catalogs & Companies with complete contact info, including Toll-Free Numbers, Websites & Email Addresses

(8" x 10" size, laminated stock color covers, 123 hand-sewn pages that absolutely will not fall out!)
  Currently out-of stock

Coming Soon! A faster option - the downloadable (Windows) eBook of the Keeping It Catholic Home Education Guide, Vol. 2!
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