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September 30, 2003
Aragorn - A Catholic Monarch?

Throughout the centuries, there have been many Catholics who have prophesied about this "Great Monarch" or, as some call him, the "Great Prince."

Think of the hope in the children's hearts today if they knew there was a Catholic prince like Aragorn somewhere on earth, under the protection of God, waiting to come into his own.

The prophesies regarding the great Catholic king-to-be indicate that he may be French or he may arise from France. Since the royal blood lines of Europe constantly intermingled, it is hard to tell what his "main" bloodline will be, even in the prophecies. However, studied as a whole, the various prophecies indicate Germany, France and England will play a key role in his life, either through bloodties or through events.

God gave us a "new" Adam and a "new" Eve with Our Lord and the Virgin Mother. He acts in the most mysterious and unexpected ways. Is it not possible that He will also reform the entire world through post-Christian Europe, the home of the Church and of Western Civilization, with a totally unexpected Catholic Monarch? The very thought is beyond our imagination at this point in history, since most contemporary monarchies are nothing but figure-heads.

Consider those very countries mentioned in prophecies regarding the "Great Monarch" - Germany had its Luther, England fell into schism under the influence of King Henry VIII, and France, "the first daughter of the Church," has still not recovered from the French Revolution.

Would it not be "meet and just" for God to "employ" these same countries in the Second Catholic Reformation?~MCB

Posted by catholic_homeschool at 22:08 EDT
Updated: October 9, 2003 00:11 EDT
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April 24, 2006 - 03:00 EDT

Name: aristides mendes

Just to say I believe Catholic Europe will "resurrect" after the Consecration of Russia and the 3 days darkness.
Catholic Europe will rule and evangelize the world. It is meant for Europe. I believe the modern Europeans are the true descendants of ancient Israel, to whom God made promises of future greatness. There is always a genealogical continuity in history, from beginning to end, from Adam to Jesus to the present. CAtholic Europe is the heir of ancient Israel. The Franks, heirs of Judah, will rule the world. The Consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart, by a noble pope and holy bishops, will cause this to happen. The Franks are essentially those Catholic European heirs of the ancient Franks. Portugal for example, where our Lady appeared at Fatima, is of Frankish origin. Portugal became a great Catholic Kingdom. Europe's Catholic royal families (or collateral branches) will again rule Europe and Europe will again become Catholic. Before that is the time of the antichrist, when all good things seem impossible and dying. But through the miracle of the Consecration of Russia, God will destroy the antichrist and his people, and convert Russia and Europe as well. It will be greater than in Noah's time. This is all prophecied in Apocalypse and it is the End Times, but Our Lady will be installed as queen of the world through the Consecration, before the second coming of Jesus. Portugal had already in 1646 issued a royal decree making Our lady queen of Portugal so that no king could wear the crown again because Mary now possessed it. When people ask who the queen of Portugal is or has been, the answer is Our Lady, by decree of the Frankish kings (Burgundian) of Portugal. The Portuguese kings all come from Hugh Capet of Burgundy who were all very loyal to Our Lady. It is interesting that the Frankish and Judean Fleur de Lys is common to them, to Mary, the Franks, to ancient Judah. As if all are connected to each other by one thread. Yes a Frankish Monarch, a Euro-Frankish Monarch, will be brought about by Heaven, through the Papal/Church consecration by a Holy European pope...and that will be brought about by the rosaries of the Faithful.

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