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Prayer Before A Crucifix

A Traditional Thanksgiving and Petition Prayer After Holy Communion

Anima Christi (Body of Christ) - The Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas

Prayer to Jesus for the Grace of Daily Reception of Holy Communion

Prayer to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament


After Holy Communion, spend a few moments in silent prayer, then pray most fervently the following prayer before an image of Jesus Crucified:


Look down upon me, good and gentle Jesus, while before Thy face I humbly kneel, and with burning soul pray and beseech Thee to fix deep in my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope and charity; true contrition for my sins, and a firm purpose of amendment; and while I contemplate with great love and tender pity Thy five wounds, ponder over them within me, and calling to mind the words which David, Thy Prophet, said of Thee, my Jesus: "They have pierced my hands and feet; they have numbered all my bones. " (Psalms XXI: 17, 18)


Say one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to gain the plenary indulgence on the Fridays of Lent and Passiontide.


"A plenary indulgence is granted on each Friday of Lent and Passiontide to the faithful who, after Communion, piously recite the above prayer before an image of Christ crucified; on other days of the y ear, the indulgence is partial." (Enchiridion of Indulgences, No. 22)



After Holy Communion, say as many of the following prayers as time permits:


A Traditonal Thanksgiving and Petition Prayer

After the Reception of Holy Communion


I thank Thee with all my heart, O loving Jesus, for having come to me and allowed me to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to offer it in union with Thee by receiving Thy Sacred Body and Most Precious Blood. Grant that I may not forget these graces; let me remember during this day that I have stood beneath Thy cross, witness the renewal of Thy sacrifice and partaken of Thy heavenly banquet. May I spend this day for Thee alone, my Jesus, and perform all my work in union with Thee according to Thy words: "He who abides in me, and I in him, he bears much fruit."


Thou art with me only a few moments, but Thou wilt have me live with Thee so intensely during this time, that the character of my life during the rest of the day may be as Thine.


Thou wilt remain in the very centre of my soul, not in Thy bodily presence, but united to my spirit to be the source and fountain of all I do. Let me be so united to Thee that I may think nothing desire nothing, save what Thou wouldst have me think and desire.


In Thy mercy forgive me, O Jesus, and let me not return to the sins I have been committing; help me to guard against my habitual sin and to overcome my ruling passion. Thy Precious Blood paid the price of my sins, and gave me the means of all the virtue Thou dost wish me to practice in my life.


Thy Precious Blood is the very life of my soul. Grant that I may use the power of Thy Precious Blood to bring the living virtues of Thy Heart into mine; let nothing less satisfy me.


Make me constant in faith, hope and charity; make my spirit humble and obedient, that I may show forth in my life Whose disciple I am; make me patient in adversity that I may bear my cross with resignation to Thy holy will.


Grant that I may always cherish and practice the virtue of holy purity in thought, desire, word and deed. In the restraint of words let me atone for improper speech in the p ast. In my restraint of criticism and uncharitableness give me some of the kindness of Thy Precious Blood, shed for sinners - shed for me.


Grant that I may rid myself more and more of self-seeking, and love and serve my neighbor for Thy sake.


Give me courage, O Lord, for in spite of all Thy help I am a coward in Thy work; give me the courage of Thy Precious Blood and the persistence of Thy own Divine Heart; let me not fall short of all Thy love for me.


O Jesus, let me frequently and attentively consider that whatever I gain, if I lose Thee, all is lost. What I lose, if I gain Thee, all is gained.


Let me always remember that Thou art present, observing and hearing me, and will take an account of all my thoughts, desires, words and deeds, and will judge me according to them.


O most loving Jesus, let nothing ever separate me from Thee; let me be Thine in life and in death; let me be Thine forever. Amen.


To the faithful who, at any time during life, with true love for God, having fulfilled the usual conditions recite the following prayer, a Plenary Indulgence will be gained at the moment of death.


My Lord God, even now resignedly and willingly, I accept at Thy hand, with all its anxieties, pains and sufferings what kind of death it shall please Thee to be mine.

(An indulgence of seven years as often as one renews the resolve.)


Anima Christi (Body of Christ)

Traditional Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas

(to be prayed after reception of Holy Communion)


Soul of Christ, be my sanctification.

Body of Christ, be my salvation.

Blood of Christ, fill all my veins.

Water of Christ's side, fill all my veins.

Passion of Christ, my comfort be;

O good Jesus, listen to me,

In Thy wounds I dare to hide

Never to be parted from Thy side;

Guard me should the foe assail me,

Call me when my life shall fail me,

Bid me come to Thee above

With Thy saints to sing Thy love -

World without end. Amen.

(Enchiridion of Indulgences)

Prayer to Jesus for the Grace

to Receive Him Frequently


O Jesus, Savior of my soul, I beseech Thee to grant me an ever-increasing desire to receive Thee in Holy Communion. Let each reception of Thee fill my heart with a fervent desire to receive Thee again. Let me so desire Thee that I may never forget Thee.

From one Communion to another, I ask that Thou nourish my soul with an ardent long to receive Thee. This desire will help my soul to cooperate with Thee, thus preparing it to receive Thee more worthily.


Grant, O most loving Jesus, that I may learn to appreciate the benefits of frequent Holy Communion for time and eternity.

O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament divine,

All praise and all thanksgiving

Be every moment Thine!


Prayer of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament


O Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, glory of the Christian people, joy of the universal Church, salvation of the world, pray for us and awaken in all the faithful devotion to the Holy Eucharist in order that they may render themselves worthy to receive it daily. Amen.

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